Friday, April 6, 2012

Covering my Bases

Hey everyone -- I'd really love your help picking some potential cover images for my book coming out this fall on the history of US population debates (called The State and the Stork) that I can suggest to the press. The book focuses on anxieties about US population growth, so a crowded image of an Indian market is out. Indeed, I'm thinking I want to avoid a picture with a lot of people in it -- which just seems a little hackneyed. You all agree? Plus, a lot of the book is about how population concerns in the US have centered not on fears of true resource exhaustion (or starvation) but on "quality of life" issues, such as crowded national parks, etc. The book also features economists -- and debates about the intersection between population theory and economic growth theory -- but, I was surprised to be told, those concepts apparently don't make for good covers ... Here are some ideas friends have suggested so far (these are approximations, not the actual images I'd use; and for the record I don't own any of these images), and yes, that's Salt Lake and the Wasatch mountains:


Of course, maybe I should just go with a picture of me and the Paul Ehrlich (more on that to come?):

I'm in Salt Lake and thrilled to be done with my index (wow, those are more work than I thought) and to see Lydia and Gary and the boys out here. I'm less thrilled to miss physical therapy ...

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