Friday, July 27, 2012

The Hoff Theorem

I repeat what I call the Hoff Theorem over and over to my students (it's my one contribution to western thought): "Everything takes longer than you think, unless it fun."

In other words, humans are terrible at estimating things, whether it's how long it takes to write a history paper (or book), or, as Jeanine's lab researches, the height of and distance to physical objects. My friend John has trouble estimating the difficulty of hikes (see two entries below). Today he promised us an "easy" hike, which we wanted because we're running a race tomorrow, which of course means that we ended up on a near scramble to a very steep 11,000 ft. peak above this lake. By the way, I write all of this not to complain about hiking on a Friday, which was great, but to officially make excuses in advance of the race. If Jason beats me, it's because of my thrashed legs. Surely his 100-mile race last weekend does not equal hiking the day before. Great view of Mt. Timpanagos from the top, though.

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