Saturday, December 8, 2012

Important Updates

1) My college roommate Jason suggests that Alexander von Humboldt looks more like Bill O'Reilly than George C. Scott. (I don't see it. Any thoughts?) 2) Forget about three podiums in two weekends -- how about five podiums in three weekends!? Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins won the two-person sprint Friday outside of the Parliament in Quebec (a historic first for the US), and Randall won the individual sprint Saturday. This is getting serious. We're talking societal tipping point here. She's got to make Sportscenter's Top Ten Plays of the weekend ... Finally, 3) bad news on the roundabout statue front (see two entries below). Despite my fervent lobbying, your Arts and Humanities Advisory Board is not going through with a recommendation to the city commission of the knife-through-the-bread design. In the spirit of excessive deliberative democracy, and apparently fearing some sort of backlash if we spent $170,000 on a copper loaf of bread, the committee decided to re-open the bidding process for another 90 days so that we can have more designs to chose from. But I fear the mob if the people have to wait that much longer for their art.

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