Wednesday, February 27, 2013

8 Minute Entry from Bolzano

Tonight (Wednesday) we're in Bolzano, the northern gateway to the Dolomites and our entry point to the Nordic World Championships This place is absolutely crazy. There are hordes of drunk Nordic fans parading threw the streets waving flags, getting into fights about the relative merits of their classic sprinters, etc. Ok well maybe not. But this is a great town, a South Tyrolinian mix of Germany and Italy.

The day started out comically again because I managed to forget the German Bahn discount card I had bought (you'd think I would have learned). But this was a welcome sight in the Munich train station (look, you can only buy so many espressos) ...

and the ride south of Innsbruck was beautiful. We got into Bolzano in time to tour their domo and also see Ötzi the Ice Man (the 5,500-year-old guy discovered in the Alps in 1991).

The restaurant we went to did not open until 7 (of course), so we killed some time at a book store. Jim, you get a mention two entries in a row. Your Manhattan edition of this series is going to have some serious competition. 

 We ended the night with this: 

Check back for World Championship updates. Thursday is the women's relay and the Americans have a great chance to medal. I'd rather be watching in the 50-degree sunshine with a limoncello than trying to figure out the wax.

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