Saturday, June 1, 2013

Orioles Magic

Friday night the Orioles won with a four-run 9th inning and walk off home run from Chris Dickerson (not one of their stars).

Here's the clip, for any diehard fans out there. 

Everyone (if the small world of Orioles media stands in for everyone) has been buzzing today that this win reminds them of June 22, 1979, when Orioles Magic was born with a very similar Doug DeCinces home run. See about 12 seconds into the clip below. The next night Eddie Murray hit a home run to win it in the 10th, and the rest is history, even if the Birds lost the Series that year (sometime I should write about being at Game 4 at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh ...)

I might be proving my advanced age, but I didn't jump on the Orioles bandwagon last year when they had their first winning season and playoff appearance in 15 years. I remember the DeCinses game, at least "remember" in a handed-down-lore kind of way.

Blogger's note: In contrast to Eddie's bomb the night after the 1979 game, the next night this time around the O's gave up back-to-back-to-back home runs and lost 10-3.

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