Thursday, May 15, 2014

The 1970s must have been fun, even if the beer sucked

I've been trying to keep the officemate-running-for-Congress posts to a minimum, but I think the campaign's about to hit the national news tipping point. For example, see "America's Most Loathsome Congressman has a Democratic Opponent" on (If my blog post gets excerpted in the comments under a dailykos article, does that count as going viral?) If you have national media contacts, please share this post. And even if you are totally apathetic, please read the incumbent Huelskamp's tweets in the piece. I dare you not to get mad. And please like Jim Sherow on Facebook or visit his campaign page.

I mean c'mon, how could anyone not vote for the bearded guy below (Jim circa 1975, working his way through college bartending). 

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