Thursday, May 21, 2015

For My Hundreth Entry ... a Beer-related Annoucement

It's an absolute crime that I didn't complete the Amsterdam trilogy properly, but the academic year ended in a blur (and I really need to stop agreeing to write so many book reviews. If you are interested in the anti-environmental backlash since the 1980s, or interested in why concerns about overpopulation evaporated but couldn't stomach my book, read Paul Sabin's excellent The Bet). Our last weekend in Holland, our friends Philipp and Maria from Stuttgart joined us for a fantastic coda to the trip. The highlights included a meal at a lovely Dutch restaurant tucked away feet from the mess of the Red Light District, a trip to the symphony, some serious Belgian fries at The Chippy King, and an Indonesian Rice Table as featured on Anthony Bourdain (ok fine, all restaurants mentioned not named Chippy King were featured on an episode of The Layover).

But this isn't an entry on the Netherlands. It it were, I would post a bunch of pictures of flowers and windmills and bikes.

The point of this entry, after a long hiatus, it to give the exciting news that J and I have invested a
small ok nearly ceremonial stake in the Avenues Proper, our local neighborhood brewery and restaurant (I detest the 1990s word "brewpub," and you'll never hear me use it). 

This has been the worst kept secret in Salt Lake, I know, and some of you probably know what is down the road, but this is all I can technically say right now. Please stay tuned for exciting developments and expansion plans. Sure the AP has the best fries in the valley (something I said before I bought in), and the best Utah-point beer, but there's a lot more to come. In the meantime, read the gushing Salt Lake City Weekly review of the Proper. And you thought I talked a lot about beer now ...

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  1. I look forward to drinking and eating copiously on the house whenever we make the Schenectady/Salt Lake trip.